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Lecture: Aspects of the New Kingdom Egyptian Military in the Levant

Date: 7:30 – 9:00 pm, 03-May-2013

Cost: Meetings are Free to members, Guests $5 – Students with ID $2


Warfare in the New Kingdom has been described as nothing short of a revolution . New Kingdom armies appear to have been, for the first time in Egyptian history, composed of a large body of soldiers who served full-time in the military and were organized on a state scale. The motivation for this change is thought to have been activated in the wars with the Hyksos and maintained its momentum throughout the 19th and early 20th Dynasties. Some scholars have argued that with the introduction of the chariot, scaled armour and composite bow, Egypt transformed itself into a cohesive military power and that the Egyptians held a tactical advantage over their Canaanite neighbours.

This lecture will look at the nature of the New Kingdom Egyptian presence in the Levant and its relationship with its residents. To examine this research question, this lecture will look at data from fortification sites in the Levant, in conjunction with data detailing the logistical considerations of the Egyptian military at this time and its weapon capabilities.


About the speaker:

Nicholas Wernick is a Calgarian completing  his PhD in Egyptian Archaeology at the University of Liverpool.  The topic of his thesis is ancient Egyptian militarism in the Late Bronze Age and what the nature of ancient Egyptian imperialism in the Levant was like during the New Kingdom.  In addition to his PhD work, he has been published in academic journals and Ancient Egypt Magazine.


Room EDC 287 in the Education Block at the University of Calgary.

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